Location and Mounting

– Location: Dory Lakes subdivision, Colorado
– Elevation: 9144ft
– Latitude: 39.84407N
– Longitude: 105.47073W

Anemometer located at top of 40ft mast bolted to the deck. Location is 25ft laterally from the peak of the roof, and clears it by about 8ft. Nearby trees are 30ft away and about 30ft tall. So, reading from this should be very accurate.

Temp/humidity/UV/Solar sensors are located on the same mast about 5ft above the deck pergola roof and are fan aspirated 24/7 to avoid solar heating.

Rain gauge is locate above the temp/humidity sensor setup and is heated to melt snow as it falls. There is no ideal location near enough to do any good, so readings from this can be less than ideal with wind.

Mast grounding – #2 bare copper wire clamped to the top of the mast runs down the center of it. Then 3ft over to an 8ft ground rod and on around the perimeter of the house to the main house ground rod all as one unbroken piece of wire. This meets the Motorola specs and exceeds the NEC specs for antenna mast mounting.

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