Migrating my server from FreeBSD to CentOS. I’ve been on FreeBSD since the beginning in 1997, but a couple of things make it no longer suit my needs. Primarily it is the firewall that is built in. Neither IPF or PF does a lot of the things I need it to do. But, iptables will do everything I want and then some. Couple of other reasons but that is the main one.

On this page I’ll be keeping track of the various issues I come across while doing the setup and how to solve them. Primarily for my own reference, but it might help others as well.

Will be setting up Serviio, sickbeard, sabnzdb, postfix, bind, dovecot, apache, and spamassassin, Horde groupware. Been using exim for years, but I’m going to try postfix again.

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